Macclesfield: A Garden For Children

This garden was neglected and overgrown. The owners had only recently moved in and wanted to create a child-friendly garden with areas for the children to play and explore, coupled with daytime and evening seating. It was also important to the family to encourage wildlife into the garden and to be able to grow fruit and vegetables and to promote the use of natural materials.

A seating area for family meals has been included next to the house with a pergola for shade.

A gravel footpath subdivides the garden and leads to additional seating at the end of the garden which will be partially concealed as the planting, including Stipa gigantea, matures.

A formal lawn area has been provided close to the house bordered by espalier apples.

Additional trees including Sorbus aucuparia , Betula utilis "Jacqmontii" and shrubs have been planted to provide structure. Planting is relaxed with a mixture of ornamental grasses and herbaceous perennials.

Woven hazel panels screen the garden shed from the house whilst retaining a natural feel. Hazel has been woven to create bespoke edging around a herb circle and next to the lawn.